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UPDATED from 5/7/2020 – As recommended by OCDS and the California Department of Public health we are currently open for elective dental procedures.

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Our Services

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Intravenous Sedation and General Anesthesia

L-PRF and PRP (Biologics to aide in healing)

Dental Implants

Bone, Soft tissue and Infuse grafting

Orthognathic Surgery ( Corrective Jaw Surgery)

Oral Pathology


Facial Trauma

Sleep Apnea

Alveolar Cleft Repair

3D imaging with a Cone Beam CT Scanner

Digital Planning


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  • The reason why I smile today, Dr. Telles and the entire team. I was in excruciating pain prior to getting my wisdom extracted. Only due to my own fault of having an amense fear of dentistry/oral work. I couldn't find anyone that could do what they got done for me. Everyone was extremely kind to me. A lot of beautiful smiles, even with our masks on. Extremely careful as well about the recent Covid-19 problematics. They were there for me when I needed help. I am so grateful to have met everyone and Dr. Tellis. Truly made me feel the most comfortable I could have been. I appreciate everything that was done and I hope to see them in the near future.

    Brandon Gonzalez Avatar
    Brandon Gonzalez

    My second procedure here and so glad I chose to go here again. Professional and kind team. Dr Telles did a terrific job. They fit me in when I was in great pain. Thank you!

    J D Avatar
    J D

    Dr. Hochwald and his crew are great.

    Milton Lubin Avatar
    Milton Lubin
  • I could not believe that I had a post put in,under general anesthesia, and I had absolutely no pain or discomfort..They abided with covid protocols. I felt safe and comfortable. Doctor Hochwald is the best.

    Curt Mackay Avatar
    Curt Mackay

    Drs. Marshall and Telles are THE BEST! Their staff are professional and caring. When it comes to oral surgery, one needs to be in good hands. The experience and professionalism you will receive here is above and beyond. Very pleased!

    Melinda Cohen Avatar
    Melinda Cohen

    Upon entering the office you are asked to sanitize your hands with sanitizer that is provided.The office is nice and clean. Waiting area is clutter free with Markers on the floor indicating where to sit allowing for social distancing.At every Appointment I’m asked to fill out the Covid questionnaire.My temperature is taken before I am taken to exam/treatment rooms.Dr. Telles, his assistants and the office staff are very nice, friendly and professional.I’m in the process of having (3) implants done on the right side of my lower jaw.I typically handle dental procedures pretty well with just a local anesthetic so I felt comfortable goin with just a local for the bone graft procedure. Dr Telles was very attentive to my needs For more lidocaine during the procedure and didn’t hesitate to give me more. The procedure went well and the healing process was uneventful.

    Denise Guerrero Avatar
    Denise Guerrero
  • My personal experience with Dr Telles is a very positive one. He goes above and beyond at every appointment.He pays very close attention to details.For Example: I just recently I had a dental problem that He was able to problem solve.If it wasn’t for Dr Telles taking extra time to review the CT scans another time he would of never discover the main problem That wouldn’t of had such a good outcome for future.Thankfully my dental problems will be much brighter due to Dr Telles extraordinary workmanship

    Sheryl McKinney Avatar
    Sheryl McKinney

    Everyone in this office is very nice, professional and truly care about you. I was really nervous coming in and Dr. Hochwald and the assistants were really nice and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Hochwald called me later that night to see how I was doing. I definitely recommend this office and Dr. Hochwald.

    Nancy Reyes Avatar
    Nancy Reyes

    An ideal place to get dental implants; seven to be exact.

    Marvin Foley Avatar
    Marvin Foley
  • Everyone was very nice, very friendly, however, the parking was very difficult and it was a little difficult to find the building. I was also charged double what I was quoted!

    The Breez Avatar
    The Breez

    Drs. Telles and Marshall are THE BEST! Their staff are professional and caring. Oral surgery needs to be done by experienced, highly trained professionals--you will definitely receive outstanding care from this office!

    Melinda Cohen Avatar
    Melinda Cohen

    Another “jaw dropping” experience! Great team and service!

    Coco Dave Avatar
    Coco Dave
  • I was was made to feel welcomed as soon as I walked in. The ladies in the front office were friendly and made me feel comfortable. Once I was taken back, the dental assistant brought me cold water I had asked for. Dr. Hochwald came in soon after and was very friendly. It wasn’t long before we were talking and laughing. He explain the Treatment Plan, including the cost. I recommend this office to anyone who is looking for an honest and competent dentist.

    Zobeida Castillo Avatar
    Zobeida Castillo

    Dr.Telles and his staff are fantastic!

    Wendy Fanticola Avatar
    Wendy Fanticola

    You will never find a more professional, yet compassionate and caring, group than Dr Hochwald and his front and back office staff.

    Pamela Day Avatar
    Pamela Day
  • My complements to Dr. Marshall and his staff. Dr. Marshall showed great concern for my comfort. Such a nice doctor. I had a tooth extracted and never felt a thing. It was a great experience. Thank you Dr. Marshall.

    Sammye Meyer Avatar
    Sammye Meyer

    Great dental office Professional dentists clean courteous staff very efficient

    Hot Rod 777 Avatar
    Hot Rod 777

    Great office! Consultation with Dr. Hochwald today. Everyone was very professional, very detailed, and friendly.

    M Ohanesian Avatar
    M Ohanesian
  • Overall my consult and surgery day went well. The staff at the surgery center were amazing from beginning to end.

    Crystal Miller Avatar
    Crystal Miller

    Excellent service and perfect surgery experience 10 out of 10

    AJ Singh Avatar
    AJ Singh

    A very professional staff. I always feel I’m getting the best possible care.

  • You can not find a better practice to get care from. All of the staff are friendly and caring.

    David L Avatar
    David L

    Dr. Marshall and his staff were amazing. From the front desk staff to the oral hygienist, everyone was very polite, friendly and professional. I was initially very nervous, knees knocking & teeth rattling, but the staff were great at helping me feel comfortable & relaxed.

    ldybuglove Avatar

    Everyone has been super awesome! They are honest and very trustworthy! Just the vibe you get from the entire staff makes you absolutely feel like you are in great hands with your health.

    Dino Reyna Avatar
    Dino Reyna
  • Best Oral Surgeon, Dr Telles and Staff were fabulous. Thank you for the best service and tender care for my daughter who had her wisdom teeth taken out . I highly recommend you guys !

    Jamie Rentfrow Avatar
    Jamie Rentfrow

    Even if this had been my first visit... which it wasn’t! Everyone there is so nice, caring & thoughtful... everyone from the front desk to the girls who work in the back... I just had my 19 or 20 implant removed... dr Telis is amazing... so caring ... dr Marshall was the first dr who ever worked on me... so caring! I would definitely recommend this place.. I’ve had all my work done there... & I will definitely be back!! 🙋‍♀️🙅‍♀️❣️

    Jennifer Bloom-Bradford Avatar
    Jennifer Bloom-Bradford

    I’ve been coming here for years and I’ve never been disappointed in the slightest with their service, personnel, and professionalism. I remain a happy and satisfied customer.

    David Tanaka Avatar
    David Tanaka
  • A very professional and comfortable experience!

    Elizabeth Brooks Avatar
    Elizabeth Brooks

    Dr. Telles and staff are the best! Friendly, professional, helpful and a great sense of humor. Wish he did regular dentistry.

    Ed Light Avatar
    Ed Light

    I had a wonderful experience with Dr Hochwald and his staff. He was Very kind for this nervous patient! I appreciated the time he took with me and how thorough he was in explaining himself and my options-

    Karen Gamble Avatar
    Karen Gamble
  • Seeing a dentist is normally a dreaded event. On the contrary, seeing my dentist is almost a celebrated occasion for me. Dr. Nick St. George, my primary dentist, referred me to Huntington Beach Oral and maxillofacial surgery for extraction of an infected tooth. It was taken out yesterday by Dr. Hochwald, Who was wonderful and very skillful. The pain and bleeding were minimal. Dr Hochwald Has two other colleagues-Dr. Marshall and Dr. Telles. I have been under the care of all three oral surgeons. They are all very skillful, knowledgeable, pleasant and friendly. Dr St. George was also excellent. I am very impressed by these doctors. They are among the best I have ever seen. I am a physician myself and I know they are second as to none.The other staff members are also very nice, friendly, courteous and accommodating. They made all the patients feel comfortable before the doctor sees them.I highly recommend HBOMSS to anyone who needs their service.A. Dea, M.D.

    Andrew Dea Avatar
    Andrew Dea

    I am a new patient. My first impression was great. Dr Telles seems highly knowledgeable about my conditions. The office is very well organize. The office staff are friendly.

    Frederick Shirley Avatar
    Frederick Shirley

    You are superb.thanks

    nirode mohanty Avatar
    nirode mohanty
  • They are the best

    Randy Bones Avatar
    Randy Bones

    Like most people, I don’t like going to the dentist especially when I know I need something done. I was having pain on my tooth and needed to get it out. I have never needed a tooth pulled before!! I saw Dr Telles for my exam and to pull my tooth. My experience with Dr Telles and his staff was AMAZING! Everyone is so professional and friendly! Dr Telles answered all of my questions and informed me of everything I needed to know about my procedure. Him and his staff eased my anxiety, Dr Telles has a great bedside manner! He truly cares for his patients and is great at what he does! So if you're looking for an oral surgeon, you found the one, Dr Telles, hands down the best!!

    Diana Avatar

    Great work! Very professional and clean procedures, especially considering all that's going on now. Wouldn't trust anyone else over them!

    Jonathan W. Nguy Avatar
    Jonathan W. Nguy
  • EXCELLENT CARE!!!! Dr. Telles and the whole team are very warm, kind and patient. They made the process a pleasant experience. Highly recommend.

    Holly Turek Avatar
    Holly Turek

    Great experience with Dr Hochwald and entire office!

    Rose Layton Avatar
    Rose Layton

    Dr. Telles is the best hands down!!! I was so nervous about my dental procedure. His bedside manners amazing he answered all my questions. I also have to add that my pain level almost nonexistent! The office Staff was amazing. Thank you 😊!! HBOMF Team 🤩

    Gladys Popper Avatar
    Gladys Popper
  • Thank you, Dr Telles and Team!

    Eileen Torres-Zeller Avatar
    Eileen Torres-Zeller

    Dr. Hochwald is simply the best there is. He’s an expert at what he does and very kind as well. I’ve had four oral surgeries at this place and each one has been a breeze. Perfect results and a pain and stress-free process. The front office staff is wonderful as well.

    Andrew Jones Avatar
    Andrew Jones

    Very friendly and well organized. Had to get three teeth pulled and was quick easy and painless for me. I called to check on me later the day I would definitely go back there if I needed more oral surgery

    Anthony J Avatar
    Anthony J
  • I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Telles last week and I really appreciated how smooth and painless the process was. Additionally, the staff was super friendly and the facilities were clean and cutting-edge. It was a great experience all throughout and I would 100% recommend!

    Daniela Peña Lázaro Avatar
    Daniela Peña Lázaro

    No waiting No pain No complications with my extraction. Dr. Telles and his staff did a great job!

    Mark Billes Avatar
    Mark Billes

    Probably the best oral surgeon I’ve ever been too! Everyone is super nice and very helpful

    Jacob Toledo Avatar
    Jacob Toledo
  • Friendly staff. Dr was thorough in explaining procedure. Good experience

    Pam R Avatar
    Pam R

    Excellent staff. Excellent service and very caring and professional.

    Teknoman Blade Avatar
    Teknoman Blade

    You have a lot of choices for dental surgery but you really can’t do better than Dr Telles and his team. They are prepared for anything, really nice staff and they’ll take care of you. You’ll have confidence in them as soon as you meet them

    Linda Gustin Avatar
    Linda Gustin
  • I go there because of Dr. Hochwald. He is the best!

    Gigi KK Avatar
    Gigi KK

    Took me long time but know I found someone that I trust that goes out there way make sure that treats you very well and even cas and check up on you to show they care. I am very picky on giving 5 stars to anyone but I have no problem giving them the 5 star and more. Dont be afraid ask question The front Staff are very helpful plus the rest of them.

    phillip burgraff Avatar
    phillip burgraff

    Fantastic team and service!

    Mark Elliott Avatar
    Mark Elliott
  • My personal experience was with Dr Telles he paid very close attention to my medical history and medications /allergic reactions including asthma

    Sheryl McKinney Avatar
    Sheryl McKinney

    always excellent care, professional service, friendly front office, always on time.

    Marilyn gettys Avatar
    Marilyn gettys

    Office staff and Dr. Telles were so sweet. I can tell they really care. My daughter has been in pain for 9 years. Going from Dr to Dr with no help.Dr. Telles immediately tested her pain area and agreed that there should be no pain if the tooth was healthy.In no time we agree to treatment and will be setting up the appointment to help my daughter be pain free.It was a very emotional moment for us. In tears we felt 9 years of searching coming to an end shortly.I'm excited for her!!Thank you Dr Telles and staff.Carissa's mom, Angie

    Angela Martinez Avatar
    Angela Martinez
  • We love Dr. Marshall and all the staff at HBOMFS!! I wish more stars can be given.

    Karen Uchimiya Avatar
    Karen Uchimiya

    Came here to get my wisdom teeth extracted and couldn’t have been happier. Everything went smooth with 0 problems and I have no complaints now that it is all over. I would recommend this location to all of my friends and family.


    Dr. Telles is very personable and has an amazing bedside manor. Our daughter is only 16 and a bit nervous when it comes to needles and surgery, however he put her mind at ease. We would highly recommend him to anyone considering an oral surgeon.

    Farrah Larson Avatar
    Farrah Larson
  • Great place. Friendly staff and so caring...wisdom teeth extraction was so fast & done wonderfully...thank you Dr. Marshall...I would definitely recommend:)

    Patricia Robbins Avatar
    Patricia Robbins

    I had bone surgery done here with Dr. Telles and then most recently the second surgery for my implant. The service I received was excellent. From reception through surgery through follow-up. Thank you Dr. Telles.

    Shana Duthie Avatar
    Shana Duthie

    All three of our children have been treated for their wisdom teeth removal with David Telles, D.D.S. The office staff and doctor truly care and are very friendly, take their time explaining everything, and make you feel very comfortable! I would highly recommend this office to everyone!! Excellent experience!!

    Cheryl Chavez Avatar
    Cheryl Chavez
  • Excellent service.

    Herb Nomura Avatar
    Herb Nomura

    Thank you Dr. Marshall and staff!! Everybody was very friendly and professional!! Two thumbs up for you guys!!

    Bill Muna Avatar
    Bill Muna

    The Office staff is efficient and friendly. Dr. Telles is an excellent problem solver. He figured out a plan for my very challenging mouth. The cost is reasonable. 😀

    Barbara Rockwell Avatar
    Barbara Rockwell
  • The staff is amazing! We received great care here! Highly recommend!

    Kimberly Padilla Avatar
    Kimberly Padilla

    Nervous patients welcomed. Dr. Marshall and his staff Made me feel at ease before and during the surgery. Excellent sterilization practices made me feel more comfortable in these uncertain times. They all treated me with TLC. i am so glad I went here and I recommend it to you too.Parking structure $ validated. Low clearance.

    R. Fitz Avatar
    R. Fitz

    Check in was fast and I was being prepared for surgery within 15 minutes of my arrival. My questions were answered completely and clearly. After surgery I was given both verbal and written after surgery care instructions.

    Ted Viers Avatar
    Ted Viers
  • Very nice people didn’t have wait long, very friendly and helpful. The doctor and his assistant were very professional all in all a very well oil organization.

    ahmed fayad Avatar
    ahmed fayad

    Great surgery felt little pain afterwards. Great and friendly doctor and staff. Would recommend 10/10.

    Marisa Weddle Avatar
    Marisa Weddle

    Wonderful doctor and very kind staff. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people don’t like going to have dental work done, but it makes the process much easier when the staff ensures you are comfortable and clearly understand the procedures that need to be done. Highly recommend!

    Maddi Maza Avatar
    Maddi Maza
  • I had a very good experience getting all my wisdom teeth extracted here. Everyone was so friendly and professional and they answered all my questions, making me feel very comfortable and at ease for my procedure. Dr. Telles did amazing and I have had no complications after surgery. Even at my follow up I felt very comfortable and taken care of. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a great oral surgeon for wisdom tooth extractions.

    Serena Lopez Avatar
    Serena Lopez

    The best oral surgery office in town!

    Veronica Rios-roman Avatar
    Veronica Rios-roman

    Very nice office and staff. Dr. Telles explains each procedure as he goes along. I would recommend this office to anyone needing oral surgery or implants.

    Lori Crevda Avatar
    Lori Crevda
  • I was very impressed with the practice from my intial inquiry online where the Dr. answered a few intial questions, to scheduling my consult with the staff, to my encounter with the practice. Dr. Telles and staff were very professional, friendly amd demonstrated a unique sense of care from the onset. He took his time to explain my options, and the procedures with great thoughtfulness. His team then put together a packet which layed out the plan for my treatments and have followed up with everything they said since then.

    Jennifer Spano Avatar
    Jennifer Spano

    Today Dr Telles performed a sinus life and a tooth implant. It took 2 hours and I wasn’t real nervous going into this because this is my 3rd surgery with Dr. Telles. Dr Telles and his staff are very friendly and professional. He really listens to what you say and your fears. I’ve always had my questions answered and he doesn’t start the procedure till we’ve talked about what he’s doing and all my concerns have been addressed. His front office also takes the time to know you name and to talk to whoever brings you to the surgery. Anytime I have to have oral surgery I request Dr Telles. He calls on the evening of your surgery to check on you and to make sure everything is ok. He reassures you that if there are any problems to call the office and he can be reached. I highly recommend Dr Telles and his office.

    Sandra Duff Avatar
    Sandra Duff

    Nervous patients welcomed. Dr. Marshall and his staff Made me feel at ease before and during the surgery. Excellent sterilization practices made me feel more comfortable in these uncertain times. They all treated me with TLC. i am so glad I went here and I recommend it to you too.
    Parking structure $ validated. Low clearance.

    R. Fitz Avatar
    R. Fitz
  • Very professional and efficient, and careful about applying coronavirus precautions. My treatment was very successful.

    Diane Bentley Avatar
    Diane Bentley

    I went in for a consultation for my wisdom teeth. I started to have second thought about having them removed, but everyone was so nice, and so willing to explain everything. I left feeling very comfortable.

    Cindy Woods Avatar
    Cindy Woods

    Very thorough and detailed.Appreciated the level of attention and thoroughness! Thank you again!

    Brooke Massi Avatar
    Brooke Massi
  • Dr. Telles and his staff are professional and very friendly. They explain your procedure from start to finish and are very mindful of your comfort. They have helped me regain my trust in dental providers.

    Lu Lu Avatar
    Lu Lu

    Pleased with the professional treatment (removal of 2 wisdom teeth) & follow-up.

    Burdett Hallett Avatar
    Burdett Hallett

    My 12 y/o daughter had a very good experience after several attempts of getting her teeth pulled elsewhere. Highly recommend this team!

    Kiki Pheasant Avatar
    Kiki Pheasant
  • Dr. Marshall is one of the best surgeons that I have the pleasure of knowing. I took both of my children to him 10 years ago for wisdom teeth removal. Excellent experience.Today I was accommodated last minute for an emergency wisdom tooth surgery for myself. I have no bleeding, no swelling and no problem at all. I am recovering very comfortably and was very happy to get a follow up same day call from Dr. Marshall. Very sweet of him.The nurses and staff were very nice and professional and treated me with respect as well.It is such a great feeling to be able to trust a physician 100%Thank you for an excellent service

    Linda Rayhaun Avatar
    Linda Rayhaun

    Excellent care and service- very professional and kind, too.

    Catherine Campisi Avatar
    Catherine Campisi

    Very caring and professional staff. Dr Telles was very thorough and explained everything. I appreciated the consult on my complicated case.

    Ellyn Silverman Avatar
    Ellyn Silverman
  • They did an excellent, careful job on my oral surgery. I highly recommend them if you have to have surgery done.

    Wawo Ventures Avatar
    Wawo Ventures

    Dr. Telles and staff were very efficient, effective and friendly. I highly recommend their services.

    Richard Jackson Avatar
    Richard Jackson

    Very professional and caring staff and doctor. Exceptional office. Will definitely return as needed. Thank you again.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Linda Winesberry Avatar
    Linda Winesberry
  • Dr Telles and his entire staff was wonderful!! I went during the pandemic (COVID-19). They were absolutely amazing and helpful. Most importantly Dr. Telles did great work on my implant.

    teshia watkins Avatar
    teshia watkins

    Dr. Marshall is one of the best surgeons that I have the pleasure of knowing. I took both of my children to him 10 years ago for wisdom teeth removal. Excellent experience.
    Today I was accommodated last minute for an emergency wisdom tooth surgery for myself. I have no bleeding, no swelling and no problem at all. I am recovering very comfortably and was very happy to get a follow up same day call from Dr. Marshall. Very sweet of him.
    The nurses and staff were very nice and professional and treated me with respect as well.
    It is such a great feeling to be able to trust a physician 100%
    Thank you for an excellent service

    Linda Rayhaun Avatar
    Linda Rayhaun

    Professional, Knowledgeable, Experts, Compassionate

    Nirav Patel Avatar
    Nirav Patel
  • HBOMS was fantastic. They were very patient oriented and easy to work with from the minute I walked in the door for my first consultation until the day I had my surgery.

    Rebecca Zimmer Avatar
    Rebecca Zimmer

    I have nothing but great things to say about this Office. Friendly professional and safety is #1. The warm atmosphere helps ease you before your procedure and the staff works well together. I’ve had two procedures there and I give them 10/10 stars for over all outcome. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Manny Perez Avatar
    Manny Perez

    My 8 year old daughter had a great experience getting a tooth extracted here. The staff is friendly, informative, and efficient!

    Desiree Marmolijo Avatar
    Desiree Marmolijo
  • I love this place! Everyone is friendly & very helpful with making sure that you are at ease & relaxed, which isn’t easy for me.From the moment I walk in to the time I leave, I feel at ease & confident that I am in the very best of hands.My doctor is Dr Telles and he is very patient & compassionate as is the rest of the staff.Again, everyone is very friendly. I am so happy that I was referred here.My visit today was a breeze. It’s good to know, that even within the COVD-19 outbreak, they are there if you should need them.The very best place!

    Janie Madison Avatar
    Janie Madison

    The staff was very professional, and made you comfortable during an uncomfortable process. I was impressed by the Dr. and his team.

    Hurley Owens Avatar
    Hurley Owens

    Great experience getting my wisdom teeth out with Dr. Marshall and the rest of the staff.

    Nathaniel M. Avatar
    Nathaniel M.
  • I honestly struggle to write this review without using hyperbole or exaggerated language to convey my heart felt thanks to all who so beautifully took care of my daughter with special needs. The extreme kindness and efficiency of the office, Sandy and Isela, made me feel that my daughter was the their only patient. Dr. Michael Marshall took so much time kindly explaining the procedure and making sure that felt comfortable with the arrangements. He is such a fine person and extremely gifted surgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Marshall and his great office staff for all of your oral surgery needs. Thank you!!!

    brightboy6 Avatar

    Very clean environment and professional staff. Dr Telles is very knowledgeable and helpful, he answered all of our questions making for a very pleasant experience. They took very good care of my daughter; she experienced very little discomfort after her upper and lower wisdom teeth were removed. We highly recommend this clinic.

    Rudy Llamas Avatar
    Rudy Llamas

    Dr. Telles and his team are very friendly and professional. They helped to put me at ease when I was feeling a little anxious before my surgery. My parents have gone to this office for a few years and we definitely would recommend them to anyone needing their services.

    Elena Geyer Avatar
    Elena Geyer
  • I had a great experience with my oral surgery. I felt very comfortable going into the surgery. The staff is very kind and easy to talk to, they made me feel very comfortable. I had very little pain after the surgery and am having a great recovery.

    Marissa Solomon Avatar
    Marissa Solomon

    iniitally disappointed with 1st open appointment 1 month later than ready. surgery excellent. tylenol rx with codeine caused nausea for 2 days before eliminating.

    Peter Jordan Avatar
    Peter Jordan

    I have been very comfotable with the work that has been done.

    Herb Nomura Avatar
    Herb Nomura
  • Very skilled, professional, reassuring, and comforting team.

    suja lowenthal Avatar
    suja lowenthal

    Staff really friendly and very responsive.Recently had a procedure. It would have been helpful if they initially mentioned sedation was going to be done by Oral Surgron and not anesthesiologists bc there was a charge for it but last time there was a charge for anesthesia.Dr. Hochwald calls same day later to follow up. Great service !

    kim friend Avatar
    kim friend

    Amazing doctors and front office staff. Dr. Tilles was extremely kind, helpful and was able to answer all of my questions and make me feel comfortable before and after surgery. I would recommend to everyone to come to HB Oral Maxiffofacial Surgery.

    Karly Kovac Avatar
    Karly Kovac
  • Wow- I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for HB Oral. I was anxious to Have all four wisdoms pulled and out it off far too long. But, I did and am barely swollen! Minimal pain. Should have done it sooner! I’d recommend anyone to go here. They know what they are doing. Easy breezy. Staff was friendly and doctor was very kind. Look no further- this is the place you want to go. Thank you again!!

    Chelsea Dyer Avatar
    Chelsea Dyer

    Dr. Hochwald and the staff were very professional and thorough in explaining the dental procedure. They all had a fantastic sense of humor that helped calm my inner anxiety about the oral surgery.

    Noemy Boghossian Avatar
    Noemy Boghossian

    I love coming to see Dr. Telles and the entire crew!!! When you laugh everytime you go to your oral surgeon, you know they are doing everything right!!! Thank you all for making me laugh and feeling so welcome! I highly, highly recommend HB oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to everyone!!

    Mersenne Twister Avatar
    Mersenne Twister
  • The entire staff is exceptional. They are kind , gracious, helpful and excellent at their job.Dr Hockwald is a superior oral surgeon, explanations are clear and thorough. If possible I would rate this group at a 10 star rating.

    Karen Perling Avatar
    Karen Perling

    .A positive experience. The staff is excellent.So is Dr. Hochwald!

    Eileen Bishop Avatar
    Eileen Bishop

    The Staff and Doctor Hochwald were extremely nice and very easy to talk to

    Kari La Fleur Avatar
    Kari La Fleur
  • I’ve been to Dr. Hochwald for three dental implants. All have been performed with precision, accuracy and a terrific sense of humor. Maria, Sandy and the rest of the staff are equally outstanding. Not that I hope to have additional implants, but if the need arises there’s no question I will return to Dr. Hochwald and his crew.

    Scott Tardibuono Avatar
    Scott Tardibuono

    From the moment I walked in the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. They explained everything to me from the process to the cost.Dr. Tellers was kind & informative as was his nurse.Would recommend this office to anyone needing this service.

    Cheri Hoffman Avatar
    Cheri Hoffman

    This place was amazing. You feel relaxed from the moment you walk in. I was very comfortable during the entire process performed by Dr. Hochwald.Sandy is terrific and I would highly recommend HB Oral and Max Surgery for your needs.

    Sharon Lacombe Avatar
    Sharon Lacombe
  • I had an implant placed by Dr Telles, by far it was the best experience that I had seeing an oral surgeon. The front office, the assistants (Vanessa is great) and, of course, Dr Telles are wonderful. They really know what they are doing. I highly recommend them!

    Natalia Romero Avatar
    Natalia Romero

    Great experience. I needed a tooth pulled and this was the only place willing to help with a complicated situation. My anatomy is not the “normal” (but who’s is?) and my nerve wrapped around my tooth in a fun loop. My roots are extra long and my jaw is stubby to make most oral surgeons not want to touch it. Dr. Telles was calm and took time to talk about my concerns looking at the data and pulled my tooth. No nerve damage, no broken jaw (which everybody else had I would have).On the plus plus side I had a local anesthesia (my choice), so I got to listen to great music during the surgery. I was in and out in a short time.

    Kim Baldwin Avatar
    Kim Baldwin

    Everyone I encountered was very friendly and spent the time to explain what was going to happen. Dr. Telles and Vanessa went to great lengths to make sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Dr. Telles called that evening to make sure I was doing ok.

    George Miller Avatar
    George Miller
  • The staff is very friendly and very efficient. They really make you feel welcome.

    Cathy Taft Avatar
    Cathy Taft

    these are the sweetest, most professional humans. have had to have 4 extractions in the last couple months. will go back and back (but I'm running out if teeth!)

    dani clark Avatar
    dani clark

    Very professional and friendly. Explained all aspects of the visit so you are confident in everything they are doing.

    Dan Warren Avatar
    Dan Warren
  • I saw Dr. Telles for a tooth extraction. He was both professional and personable. All of the staff, from the administrative personnel to the assistants and nurses were pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. I had no discomfort or post operative difficulties. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Telles called me within 24 hours of the procedure to check on me and that follow up appointments were scheduled in a timely manner. I highly recommend this practice.

    Sheridan Pyle Avatar
    Sheridan Pyle

    Such a warm and friendly staff and Dr. Marshall is excellent!

    Corey Wojo Avatar
    Corey Wojo

    Dr. Telles is a wonderful oral surgeon! My daughter was put at ease by his thorough explanation of the procedure, and he was very sweet and calming. Overall, a great experience!

    Jeanette Pattison Avatar
    Jeanette Pattison
  • The HBOMF team were professional, skilled and very easy to be operated on by. After the surgery, they told me all the things to do to relieve pain from the procedure but, honestly, there really wasn’t any pain.I appreciated the call from the doctor in the evening just to check that I was feeling OK. If you need dental implants these are the folks to go to.

    Stewart Laidlaw Avatar
    Stewart Laidlaw

    I was extremely pleased with the office staff and Dr Telles. My wisdom tooth had become infected and I was experiencing a good deal of pain. Everyone at the office bent over backward to get me seen and treated. The doctor extracted my tooth that same day. A job well done.

    Paula Nowak Avatar
    Paula Nowak

    Dr. Telles and the entire staff are amazing! They’re kind and friendly. Dr. Telles takes his time to understand and talk about any concerns you have. He ensure you are confident and happy with your next steps.

    Iman Kafarah Avatar
    Iman Kafarah
  • The entire team and Dr. Marshall are great!

    Tracy Walker Avatar
    Tracy Walker

    Dr. Telles and his staff are all very friendly, warm, caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Telles gave excellent medical advice in preparation for my dental procedure. My family and I are very impressed and strongly recommend them.

    Barbie Ault Avatar
    Barbie Ault

    Taking your 7-year-old in for a tooth extraction is never easy, for them or Mom. Dr. Tellis and the whole team were very warm and comforting with every effort to make it a pleasant experience as much as possible. All members of his staff are happy, and that speaks volumes about the business and how it’s run. Not to mention the actual procedure was quick, and my son‘s recovery is going great. We are 24 hours after surgery and my son has no pain or discomfort. His procedure was a different one - he had an extra tooth way up in his bone/gum line that was growing in the direction of his nose, causing his front permanent tooth to be completely twisted. We had to remove it to prevent it growing up into the nose, as well as to remove the obstruction so we can correct his bite with braces down the line. I was scared as heck for my bud going in, but the experience was great and we will always be trusting our dental care to Dr Tellis and staff. Thank you!

    Nicole Vuletich Avatar
    Nicole Vuletich
  • Dr.Telles and the entire staff were professional, compassionate, and delivered exceptional dedicated care to me. I am a brain tumor patient and with other related complications. Dr. Telles and the entire staff was diligent in their efforts to ensure I had a safe, comfortable, and good experience with my procedure. I would highly recommend this office to anyone seeking oral surgery needs as they not only met but exceeded my expectations as a patient. My safety and comfort was there utmost concern and they did an excellent job. I can never thank them enough.

    Laura Lux Avatar
    Laura Lux

    From the front desk to the exam room everyone was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Telles took time to explain everything and didn’t rush the process. The procedure outcome was excellent. Follow-up was also a wonderful experience.

    Rob Morris Avatar
    Rob Morris

    Great staff, Dr. Marshall explains everything that he will be doing.He did the surgical extraction on a root canal tooth, then did bone fill and a implant. I had no problems. Everything is explained before doing the procedure. I will use them again. Thank you

    Eva Robbins Avatar
    Eva Robbins
  • My son had his wisdom teeth extracted by Dr Marshall. Every detail was handled perfectly. Knowledgeable and very friendly staff. Dr Marshall had my son’s teeth out in less than 10 minutes. My son had no swelling and is recovering quickly! I would highly recommend Dr Marshall and his staff.

    Joleen Killoran Avatar
    Joleen Killoran

    Dr. Marshall and the staff were wonderful. They have a high tech office amd staff. The procedure was without pain and the Doctor and staff showed genuine concern and care. Absolutely the best. Thamks!George Howard

    George Howard Avatar
    George Howard

    Considering that I had a tooth removed it was a very good experience front desk is friendly and doctor and staff are 2 professional]

    Fred Marsh Avatar
    Fred Marsh
  • Very knowledgeable and competent dental surgeon. Provides fast and high quality service.

    dale sarver Avatar
    dale sarver

    Short wait time . Staff is professional ,friendly and very helpful. The procedures that I have had done by Dr. Hockwald expertly performed , all information that I need to aid healing was provided and healing has been excellent. I would give the a 10* rating . I highly recommend this group.

    Karen Perling Avatar
    Karen Perling

    At every appointment I was kept waiting for at least 30 minutes or longer. I don't know if it's a scheduling issue or if Dr. Telles has a time management problem. After my implant surgery I was left with an aching jaw for months. The treatments included a heavy handedness that I don't believe is necessary. I wouldn't return. Patty

    Patty Allison Avatar
    Patty Allison
  • Love the staff, efficient friendly genuine! My second time in for post op.. there less than 5 mins. Implants next year.. : )

    michael oconnor Avatar
    michael oconnor

    My extraction and week later follow up appointments went very well. Very satisfied.Jerry

    Jerry Wiltz Avatar
    Jerry Wiltz

    By far, this has been one of the best dental experiences I have ever had. I had multiple extractions done on the same day and let me tell you, Dr. Marshall and his staff were swift and professional. Dr. Marshall was so kind and caring. He even came to work on his off day just for me (where do they do that?). That's not all, Dr. Marshall called me later that evening to check on my wellbeing. I really appreciate Dr. Marshall and his staff for their attentiveness and sevices. I highly recommend Dr. Marshall. You will not be disappointed.

    Betty Badmus Avatar
    Betty Badmus
  • Dr Telles and staff are the best! First off, they had much better pricing than Rossmoor Dental, by over $1,000.My son was very nervous about having an IV and going under but they made him feel very comfortable. They walked him through the entire procedure before hand so he was not as nervous.The procedure took about 40 minutes after they sedated him. I was able to see him shortly after. Let’s just say he was hilarious and we all got a good laugh.They talked us through the follow up care and sent us home with paperwork to follow. Dr Telles even called personally that night to check on my son.I highly recommend this office and have told a few friends about them. 5 stars for sure!

    Tracy Foreman Avatar
    Tracy Foreman

    Dr. Telles was really professional and helpful by explaining my son’s procedure and anesthesia. Highly recommend him and his practice, all staff members were friendly and great!

    theresa kim Avatar
    theresa kim

    Excellent service. Friendly personnel

    Linda Wesley Avatar
    Linda Wesley
  • Dr Marshall fitted me with an appliance to prevent closing of the throat during sleep. I have had it for three weeks at this writing, with zero problems and great improvement. He is certified in this field, which is rare, and board certified, and I chose him after much research. The office runs smoothly and courteously. He is out of network for me, unfortunately, and the price of this service was extremely high.

    Annabel Pougnier Avatar
    Annabel Pougnier

    Dr. Mike Marshall is an extraordinary oral surgeon and I’m so grateful to be a patient of his and his amazing staff!

    Maureen Peyrot Avatar
    Maureen Peyrot

    I would never go anywhere else for dental surgery. Dr Telles does such a great job and the result is always as expected (my second time). The ladies in the office are awesome. They are so friendly and very helpful. They always keep you informed. I recommend him all the time for anyone who needs dental implants.

    Kathy Cedillos Avatar
    Kathy Cedillos
  • From the moment you walk in, complete your appointment and walk out....everyone there is a pro’s pro. Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, communicative and thorough.I went through a dental implant procedure and every step and every choice was clearly explained.Highly recommend.

    Donald Silbaugh Avatar
    Donald Silbaugh

    Dr. Marshall was great. My son had his wisdom teeth removed and the procedure went great. Very little pain and almost no swelling.

    stephen cook Avatar
    stephen cook

    Such a great and caring staff. Thank you for getting me in so quickly!

    Beth Naill Avatar
    Beth Naill
  • Came for an extraction follow-up. Dr. Telles did the check. Everyone was pleasant and good-humored while being impressively professional. I was in and out in 15 minutes.

    Mike Dumas Avatar
    Mike Dumas

    Professional and competent. follow up phone call from the surgeon was impressive.

    matt robert Avatar
    matt robert

    Staff was friendly and efficient but more than that, I felt their caring warmth. Dr Hochwald endured my difficult extraction patiently with tenacity. I so appreciated his talentAnd experience. Expert on the top of my list!

    Allegro Music Avatar
    Allegro Music
  • Professional staff. Dr. Telles took the time to explain different procedures and allows the patient to chose the process best for the individual. Best of all, no pain.

    Selena Williams Avatar
    Selena Williams

    Could not be more pleased. Dr. Hochwald & his staff made a really scary & possibly painful experience extremely comfortable. He spent time calming my concerns as a mother & discussing options, the procedure & everything involved. His staff were kind & helpful. Highly recommend. His office is how all medicine should be practiced.

    Michele Moncure Avatar
    Michele Moncure

    Simple, these guys are the best.

    Paul Avitable Avatar
    Paul Avitable
  • Best surgeon, very pleased at the customer service they have provided. Overall extremely happy with the outcome.I appreciate the dedication they have for their patients. Best customer service.Definitely will be referring all my family and friends here...!

    Ferial Badaouy Avatar
    Ferial Badaouy

    I cannot even explain just how completely awesome my experience was! This is my 5th implant and from the moment I walk in the door, the reception staff is so welcoming and friendly and helpful. They take your mind off the procedure with their smiles and levity. Then, on to the assistants and the doctors. Everyone is beyond 5 stars. I've had the pleasure of being Dr. Marshall's and now Dr. Telles' patient and I couldn't be happier. I have recommended HBOMS to all my family friends and coworkers and will continue to do so. Hats off to everyone. Thank you for being my trusted source for dental implants!!!!!

    Kimberly Cardona Avatar
    Kimberly Cardona

    We always appreciate a doctor that takes time to explain the procedure and treatment plan. Dr. Hochwald is excellent. His office staff are amazing and attentive as well. Thank you!

    Elizabeth Jensen Avatar
    Elizabeth Jensen
  • quick and easy. great experience

    Taylor Griley Avatar
    Taylor Griley

    I’ve experienced some horrendous dental surgery in my past (over 20-30 years ago), so anything dental makes me nervous.Recently, I had oral surgery with Dr. Telles, who was recommended to me by my holistic Dentist. Dr Telles and his excellent staff (front and back office), all remained professional, patient, kind & encouraging. I was confident that I was in good hands. Surgery went well without any issues, post-operation.I highly trust and recommend Dr. Telles!!

    Kathleen Manly Avatar
    Kathleen Manly

    I highly recommend Huntington Beach Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. I have been here a few times and the service and professionalism of the entire staff is amazing.

    Peter Tahmin Avatar
    Peter Tahmin
  • Dr. Telles and his assistant were very professional, conscientious, and thorough. The office staff is efficient and friendly. I highly recommend them.

    John George Avatar
    John George

    My daughter had all four of her teeth pulled and as much as that is not fun, Dr. Hochwald did a great job. The office staff and nurses were great. Dr. called us to make sure she was ok a few hours after surgery and that rarely happens these days. We would definitely use this Dr. for our next oral surgery

    Wendy Wieland Avatar
    Wendy Wieland

    Very happy with my experience. Dr Telles is professional yet also very open and friendly and made sure that I was comfortable at all times. Happy to get such great work done by such cool staff.

    rudypalmboomjr Avatar
  • Wonderful, kind and supportive staff. Dr Hochwald is the ultimate professional and very competent. This is my second procedure with this team and I could not be more pleased.

    Mary Johnson Avatar
    Mary Johnson

    Knowledgeable friendly staff, caring environment.

    Susanne Goldpaint Avatar
    Susanne Goldpaint

    The physicians here are very thorough and up front with their work. My procedure was very quick and painless thank you so much for all that you have done

    Daniel Gutierrez Avatar
    Daniel Gutierrez
  • Great courteous staff, Dr Hochwald knows what he’s doing. Won’t hesitate to recommend to others

    Eric Chang Avatar
    Eric Chang

    My son had his wisdom teeth extracted today! We had an amazing experience... from scheduling a consultation to meeting the front desk staff, meeting with the Dr. and the awesome assistance... everyone was fantastic! Thank you HB Oral and Maxillfacial Surgery your whole team rocks!!!

    joey ibarra Avatar
    joey ibarra

    HB oral surgery facility is the best by far. Facilities in the past either lacked courtesy, efficiency, little communication or consultation, professionalism, and since I had a couple of bad experiences I can say they lacked expertise as well. Unfortunately, I couldn't write a review about those other locations because the technology just wasn’t available as it is today. I guess that tells you how long I’ve been going to HB. .... 15 + years.I’m glad my dentist sent me here those many years ago and will go nowhere else because HB has everything the others lacked. The assistants are so friendly and calming, and the doctors impeccable.Ok, this is supposed to be a simple review so I’ve rambled enough but I’m glad to pass on my experiences to those who are worried about having major work done. I really don’t have to wish you good luck....not here. God Bless. T. Wilkinson

    Tracy Wilkinson Avatar
    Tracy Wilkinson
  • I'm thankful I've found an amazing team to care for my family's oral surgery needs. Dr. Telles has always answered my questions, believe me I've had many, and has spent as much time as I needed. The dental assistants have literally held my hand and along with the office staff are caring, warm and have always done their best to make me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend this team.

    Diana Ramon Avatar
    Diana Ramon

    We were very pleased with the treatment we received at HUNTINGTON Beach Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. We were greeted by a very pleasant staff. They were helpful, answered all our questions, and made us feel comfortable. Dr. Telles was very kind. He explained each step of the surgery and answered our questions. We could not have asked for a better experience!

    Darla DeMatteo Avatar
    Darla DeMatteo

    Great staff all around. Very professional and catering to the parents and child. Knowledgeable and aware of the emotional and physical needs of the patient.

    Samuel Yoon Avatar
    Samuel Yoon
  • Very caring, professional and always looking to work with patients schedule. Went in the first time scared and it was nearly painless and easy. When I had to go in for my second wisdom tooth I didnt even think about it twice to make an appointment and get it done. They make you feel very at ease, takes longer to get on the chair than it is to get it removed. Before I knew it my wisdom tooth was out.

    Julia Rodriguez Avatar
    Julia Rodriguez

    A great enthusiastic group of staff. They all have sincere interest in the patients.

    Andy Lynch Avatar
    Andy Lynch

    Great staff and doctors! You cannot go wrong here. Three family members have had surgery with Dr. Telles and he is wonderful! The nurses and staff are all extremely kind and helpful.

    Shelly Leeson Avatar
    Shelly Leeson
  • Best place to go to. Amazing staff who love their jobs and genuinely care about their patients. Wish I could use them as my dentist all the time love them all!

    mark sokolowski Avatar
    mark sokolowski

    Dr. Hochwald and the entire team is stellar. Professional, caring and patient comfort is of the utmost importance. My daughter had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted and it was the best possible outcome. I would give them 100 stars if I could. Thank you!!

    Bridget Kaub Avatar
    Bridget Kaub

    My 5 y/o son recently had a surgical procedure done by Dr. Telles to remove a mesiodens. The surgery went completely without a hitch, and the staff catered to my son with toys, movies and extra love. Not one single tear was shed through the whole process. I would highly recommend Dr. Telles as he was patient and understanding to our needs and concerns. Thank you everyone for taking great care of my son!

    Heidi Hsu Avatar
    Heidi Hsu
  • Amazing! I had such a great experience that I really can not recommend Dr. Telles and his staff enough.I had to get four wisdom teeth pulled at the same time, so I was understandably very nervous. I’m a worrier by nature (can’t even stand getting a flu shot), but everyone from Maria and Sandy at the front desk to Dr. Telles himself went out of their way to make me feel at ease.Everything was laid out in plain English (even the billing which was great, haha), and I can honestly say that this was an enjoyable experience - something I’d never thought I’d say about oral surgery.I was in and out in less than two hours, and chose general anesthesia so it literally felt like it blew by.I’ve already recommended him and this office to a few friends and it’s honestly only been a few hours since I’ve gotten home from the procedure haha

    Andrew Nguyen Avatar
    Andrew Nguyen

    Great job extracting my son’s wisdom teeth by Dr Telles. Very long roots and they came out perfectly in one piece!. Very affordable, pleasant office to choose for oral surgery. Highly Recommend!!

    Laurie Robertson Avatar
    Laurie Robertson

    I went into my visit nervous about getting my wisdom teeth extracted. The doctors and staff made me feel completely at ease throughout the waiting and procedure. I’m very happy to have had my procedure done here. They set me up with all the information I needed to have a swift and comfortable recovery. If you are in need of a wisdom tooth extraction, definitely call for a visit.

    Toby Shaver Avatar
    Toby Shaver
  • Everybody was great and the experience was more than I could have hoped for. Going in to have a tooth extraction was very nerve wracking, but Dr. Telles and his team were awesome. They made me and my wife feel welcome and assured of the procedure and with the information that I could call him any time after the procedure was perfect. The experience was made even better later that night when Dr. Telles called me at home to check to see how I was doing. In this day and age that's rare. Overall I could not be more satisfied.

    Thom Simmons Avatar
    Thom Simmons

    The office staff was friendly and took care of all the necessary paperwork in a very efficient manner. The doctor explained exactly what was gong to be done, put me to sleep, and I woke up with no pain and no tooth. If you need oral surgery, this is a very competent practice.

    Michele Stewart Avatar
    Michele Stewart

    I have had experiences with all three of the oral surgeons and I can attest that they are all individually great people. Very caring, skillful, and professional. They do an excellent job of explaining prior to treatment and follow-up is excellent. Recommend for anybody who needs an oral surgeon.

    James Lee Avatar
    James Lee
  • The staff are friendly and put a person at ease. Everything went smoothly and quickly. Dr T called me that evening to check on my recovery from surgery. My overall experience was quite good. I would recommend this office to others.

    Georgia Starr Avatar
    Georgia Starr

    Have been a patient here for years, always first-rate care.

    Tom Watson Avatar
    Tom Watson

    My husband and son have had teeth pulled here and the office staff and Dr. here are great. My husband and son healed quickly and had no complications.

    Kristen Enders Avatar
    Kristen Enders
  • I have had multiple tooth extractions and implants since 2012...Just about every other year and Dr Hochwald and his assistant Rae are the best! I have complete confidence under their care. I’ve done local and just had general anesthesia for a sinus bone graft and post insert. Under local, I’m always shocked how quick the extraction is. He’s also taken all 4 wisdom teeth out of my 15 year old daughter under general anesthesia. Both of us healed quickly with no complications. His office staff Sandy & Maria are super friendly and can answer any questions or concerns that might arise. I would highly recommend this office. Tooth implants are a lengthy process, about a year long in total, but I’ve never had any issues and they’re very accommodating with my traveling schedule. 😁. I’ve always been able to enjoy eating during the holidays and while on vacation without any issues despite having an extraction/implant in progress!

    donna yuki Avatar
    donna yuki

    All went well. Very little bleeding...almost no pain(have not taken any pain meds).

    Andy Steinfeld Avatar
    Andy Steinfeld

    Tooth extraction performed painlessly and timely manner

    Ken Kosaka Avatar
    Ken Kosaka
  • Very caring and professional staff. Couldn’t have had a better experience.

    Cindy Clark Avatar
    Cindy Clark

    I've had oral surgery in the past with an unpleasant extraction experience and painful swollen post op. Dr. Telles came highly recommended by my Long Beach dentist and was well worth the drive down the 405. I had a fractured pre-molar extracted last June by Dr. Telles with almost no pain or swelling - I took one dose of Tylenol as a "just in case" before bed and that was it. In prep for the implant, Dr. Telles noticed in the Xray that another pre-molar on the other side was in distress and contacted my dentist. With a root canal and crown I was able to save the tooth, thanks to Dr. Telles early identification of the problem.I recently went back to Dr. Telles for surgery to install the post for the implant. He was able to do it without any stitches and in the post Op I experienced zero pain and zero swelling. Truly incredible results. The office staff is fantastic as well. Highly recommended.

    Scott Anderson Avatar
    Scott Anderson

    This office was so warm, professional, and helpful. I felt very cared for & respected by all. Thank you for making a difficult experience comfortable.

    Rose Marie Mandeville Avatar
    Rose Marie Mandeville
  • This office has a wonderful staff that is really friendly. Dr. Teeles has done a great job

    Debbie Gonzalez Avatar
    Debbie Gonzalez

    Very professional and courteous, personable staff

    Keyser Soze Avatar
    Keyser Soze

    My twins had their wisdom teeth pulled on the same day, and although I was dreading that, it turned out to be a great experience. The office staff were amazing the head hygienist was down to earth and very kind and funny and of course Dr. Hochwald has so much experience and expertise that he did an awesome job. We followed the doctors orders to a “T” and had minimal discomfort, pain, and swelling. The other surgeon that shares the office even chatted with us after surgery to make sure all was well. I highly recommend coming here. No doubt about it.

    Long Family Avatar
    Long Family
  • We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Telles and the office support staff at HBOMSF. They were all so great with my 4 year old daughter.

    Jami Mitchell Avatar
    Jami Mitchell

    Dr. Hochwald and his team are professional and accommodating. Everything about my experience was the best it can be. Dr. Hochwald has a good sense of humor and is very knowledgeable with tons of experience. His staff members are amazing and without them , my experience would not be as pleasant. Maricella is one of the team members that assist with the procedure and she is absolutely perfect. Also, Sandy at the front desk is a seasoned professional and makes the office run like a well oiled machine. If you’re reading this review, you are probably trying to figure out where to go, well look no further. HBOMFS is really the best.

    Mark Avatar

    For the past 17 years, I have had 3 teeth extracted and this is the only place I will come to!The first 2 were extracted by Dr Marshall and this last one pulled last Friday was done by Dr. Telles.I agree with all the previous reviewers. Everyone is very helpful and understanding. They say to call anytime if you have a concern after your surgery. They were not on my insurance this time around but the price is reasonable and worth it to come to an office I trust! Thank you to the entire team and competent oral surgeons!

    Diana Marquez Avatar
    Diana Marquez
  • Had two wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Telles. Very nice and professional! Took the time to explain the whole process to me and was so skillful to minimize as much discomfort as possible. He treats you like family. Highly, highly recommend!!

    Catherine Cizmar Avatar
    Catherine Cizmar

    Dr. Hochwald has worked on me and several members of my family. He is an excellent oral surgeon (and a really nice guy) whom my husband referred patients to to when he was practicing dentistry. His staff was so welcoming, friendly and made sure the patient was comfortable.

    Elaine Cooper Avatar
    Elaine Cooper

    Dr. Telles and his entire staff are top notch! The facility is equipped with high tech and the service is a 5-star! Dr. Telles is a very caring and compassionate surgeon, xplains the treatment thoroughly as he guides you through it with the digital images on the screen. Best Oral Surgeon in Orange County.

    Lisa Chen Avatar
    Lisa Chen
  • They were very helpful and kind. My son had a great experience.

    Jennifer Shea Avatar
    Jennifer Shea

    My daughter had excellent care. I was really impressed with this office and loved everything about it. I would recommend anybody coming to this office. The staff was kind,patient and thorough

    janell Avatar

    Dr. Hochwald did an amazing job on removing my four wisdom teeth. Quick easy, and pain free!Thank you Doctor!

    John Gerwa Avatar
    John Gerwa
  • Just got my wisdom teeth out this morning! Staff is very nice and they did a great job. Already feeling better tonight and have barely used any pain medication. Thank you!

    Justin Reed Avatar
    Justin Reed

    I am a Dentist so first time on this side of treatment. Have referred to Dr Hochwald for 30 years. Consider him the best for surgery, extractions,and implants. His staff , front to back , is professional and very knowledgeable and make it a calm friendly experience. Have referred patients, family and friends for years and all have had great treatment! Can’t say enough for the Surgeon Dentist ‘s choose.

    tooth69100 Avatar

    Awesome experience Always pleasant & personable The best dental experience I’ve ever encountered Thanks to all of you 🏖

    Helen Desmet Avatar
    Helen Desmet
  • My son had his wisdom teeth out and had a five star experience! Thank you so much to the whole staff!

    Lori Beyett Avatar
    Lori Beyett

    Only in for consult but office was quite behind. They were super nice about it but had asked if I'd be able to come in early. I took my son out of school, then we waited an hour to see doctor.

    Heidi Bressler Avatar
    Heidi Bressler

    Went in to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted a week ago, and could not have chosen a better dentist office to perform my surgery. They were very professional friendly and thorough. They made sure to explain the whole process.

    Trevon Hundley Avatar
    Trevon Hundley
  • Dr. Telles was highly recommended to us by our dentist as well as a friend. Dr. Telles has a great bedside manner, made us feel very at ease and his staff is very friendly and welcoming as well. Everything was thoroughly explained at the consult, our son had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted 2 weeks later. It went even better than expected no pain & no swelling afterward. Dr. Telles called us that same evening to check in and make sure all was well (we appreciate him taking the time to do that). Although Dr. Telles is out-of-network for our dental insurance plan it was well worth it to know our son was in good hands.

    Raquel Barbish Avatar
    Raquel Barbish

    Dr Telles and his staff are compassionate, caring professionals who strive to make sure you are comfortable every step of the way. That’s a tall order in the field of oral surgery.Dr Telles is very well respected in his field and is an all around nice guy. He has a great chair side manner and calls to check up on after a procedure... who does that anymore? Great surgeon, great staff definitely see him for all your oral surgery and implant needs!

    Mary Wilson Avatar
    Mary Wilson

    Wonderful experience for wisdom teeth removal. Dr. Telles is awesome!

    KingPoP Avatar
  • I’ve had 2 implants done here by Dr Marshall. They are perfect! He’s currently prepping me for another 2 implants. I’ve had two bone grafts which were done recently. He spent extra time on my flipper teeth so they would fit properly in my mouth after the graft was completed. This made me so happy! The staff are the nicest and professional people you’ll ever meet. I am always happy to come into this office. Dr Marshall is a perfectionist and I’m grateful to be under his care. You will be well taken care of in this office.

    Ramona Miller Avatar
    Ramona Miller

    Dr Tellus was great and all staff was very friendly and helpful

    Julie Windham Avatar
    Julie Windham

    After having two traumatic wisdom tooth extractions I was advised to see Dr. Telles for the remaining teeth. This is a well-run ship. First of all, the staff is extremely personable and helpful. They work with you and try to help in anyway, I never felt rushed. Sandy, in particular is very friendly and made everything seem so easy. When I met Dr. Telles it was surprising to me how personable and funny he was! He is well trained with tons of experience, and so I was comfortable with letting him run the show. He gave the option of general anesthesia to make the procedure more comfortable. On the day of the surgery I walked into the room and woke up with the two wisdom teeth gone. Boom! Done! I experienced very little discomfort and pain was managed well. Dr Telles took the time to call me that same day to check up and see if everything was okay. You can tell Dr. Telles really loves what he does and truly cares about his patients. Thank you Dr. Telles and the front desk staff. I wish I had come to him for my previous teeth extractions!

    Stephanie Park Avatar
    Stephanie Park
  • Dr. Telles, and his team were fantastic, such caring and loving. They make sure you feel safe, and comfortable, they go over the entire procedure and make you feel secure. Because of my previous traumatic experiences I was very emotional and anxious about the procedure or going under anesthesia, but Dr. Telles made sure to make me feel better and assure me that everything was going to be okay, I was done before I even knew it. Billion thanks to Dr. Telles and his team for taking great care of me. His office will forever be my one to go to. Thank you all 💕

    Ana Solloy Avatar
    Ana Solloy

    This practice is phenomenon.I had an appointemnt for 4 wisdom teeth extraction. I got there early and I was warmly welcomed by all staff. I felt right at home and my anxiety vanished. They took me in early and I was in great hands of Dr Telles and his assistant Neetu. They prepped me well. I was sedated and I was done in no time. Post op care was so genuine. Frequent phone calls and check ups on me made me feel I am going to be ok. Pain was minimal and I was given proper instructions for post care. Love Dr Telles and his practice and I would recommend them in a heart beat.

    leyla108 Avatar

    Took my Dad here for an extraction of one of his molars. Dr Telles was very professional, explaining exactly what he going to do, then following up with a call in the evening. My Dad said the whole procedure was painless. Office staff very friendly too. The office was a bit hard to find and parking was somewhat of a challenge. The office will however validate your parking ticket, if you park in the nearby structure

    Mark Stillman Avatar
    Mark Stillman
  • From the moment you step inside you are being welcomed by a wonderful Staff. They make you feel at ease, and it continues through your visit. This group is a class Act.

    Leslie Dew Avatar
    Leslie Dew

    Dr. Tellis and the whole staff are amazing. They are all friendly and professional.

    Alex Salcido Avatar
    Alex Salcido

    Doctor Telles is one of the most wonderful doctor I have a hard time to finding the right words to explain my feeling about Huntington Beach oral surgery, Doctor Telles and his staff. I am so pleased to meet him I would Recommend him in a heart beat to anyone Who wants to have Tooth implant. My experience with him was Beyond satisfaction.He is one of the kind and I'm so delighted to have him As my doctor.

    Angela Corbin Avatar
    Angela Corbin
  • Dr. Yelled is wonderful. So good with kids!

    Laurie McCarthy Avatar
    Laurie McCarthy

    Excellent professional and customer service.

    Marcos Tubola Avatar
    Marcos Tubola

    What an incredible team! The staff is absolutely exceptional! Highly recommend.

    Nicolette Molina Avatar
    Nicolette Molina
  • Had 3 of my 4 wisdom teeth extracted from this place. Everyone at the front desk was so kind and welcoming and Dr. Telles was very informative on the entire procedure. I was incredibly nervous about being put under on the day of the surgery but Dr. Telles and his assistants made me feel at ease. Surgery ended up going well and it took about 5 days before the pain really decreased and started being more bearable without meds. Hopefully I won’t have to pull out my 4th wisdom tooth in the future but if I do, I’ll definitely go back to Dr. Telles and his team!

    M T Avatar
    M T

    I had a good experience. I was referred by my dentist. I found the staff to be super nice and very accommodating to me as I had no dental insurance. I was very very nervous about my issues but Dr. Telles took the time to call me and answer my questions. I hope I never have to go back but if I do, I know the staff will be friendly and welcoming.

    Terri Schenck Avatar
    Terri Schenck

    I had my 2nd surgery on September was a major one with sinus lift, bone graft, 2 implants. Dr. Telles performed the surgery again. He did a excellent job and I trust him and his medical advise. I'm on my post OP day 3 and I am swollen and the pain is intermittent, but it will be well worth it. I will see him for my follow up pretty soon and hopefully it goes well. I was referred to Dr. Telles by my dentist Dr. McBride.

    Christine Lee Avatar
    Christine Lee
  • The front desk staff are very friendly and helpful. Miss Sandy is awesome! She will go the extra mile just to make sure all your concerns are addressed well. Dr. Telles is very professional. He is willing to go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are attended to and your safety is a top priority. In addition, as my 16 year old son’s I first impression of Dr. Telles...’Dr. T is cool!” Overall the dental clinic as observed is very busy where everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing attending and helping out patients while patients are patiently waiting for their turns to see their amazing oral surgeons but still the place offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. Thank you Dr. Telles and staff for the pleasant experience we had during our first visit.

    Aileen Martin Avatar
    Aileen Martin

    Dr. Telles is amazing. Both my husband and I had procedures done in the last two months and he does excellent work. We will definitely return when future treatment is needed. Thank you Dr. Telles!

    Cheryl Tom Avatar
    Cheryl Tom

    Everyone at the office is friendly as well as informative, making an extraction procedure and preparation for implant less daunting. Dr. Telles and all of his staff cared about my comfort and not only ensured that I understood each step of the process, but checked that I was at ease from start to finish. With their professionalism and friendliness, my anxiety was significantly lessened and recovery better than expected.

    Vivian Hirata Avatar
    Vivian Hirata
  • A little pricey but great work. A painless experience

    Jason Clark Avatar
    Jason Clark

    Very friendly and helpful doctors and staff!

    Stephanie Campbell Avatar
    Stephanie Campbell

    Super Sweet Folks 😀 and Very Good at what they do!!!

    Jackson Bond jr. Avatar
    Jackson Bond jr.
  • I have had several extractions performed by Dr. Hochwald, and it has always been a positive experience. I always enjoy his sense of humor. The office staff is so friendly and caring.

    Maralyn Irvine Avatar
    Maralyn Irvine

    Many thanks to Dr Telles for helping me get a replacement “ repositioner” at short notice when Dr Marshall was absent. I was most grateful! Thanks also to Sandy, who makes communicating with the practice such a pleasure.

    Annabel Pougnier Avatar
    Annabel Pougnier

    First of all the staff is so helpful and personal..they make you feel so comfortable..the Dentist tells you everything he's going to do which makes feel so at was a very good experience..

    Donna Almanzan Avatar
    Donna Almanzan
  • I had an exceptionally good experience w my first visit. The ladies at the front office was so nice & very thorough & so helpful. The doctor & his staff was very thorough & explained everything thoroughly. & scheduled my surgery. Follow up visits have been good since I was having trouble w bands on braces.

    Patricia Lansford Avatar
    Patricia Lansford

    The staff is amazing. Sandy and Maria are always so friendly and really care about you. Dr. Marshall is very understanding and concerned about your health.

    Suzette Rice Avatar
    Suzette Rice

    They were very patient and kind with me knowing my dental history and PTSD towards any dental work.I appreciate them sharing their knowledge and being so kind and patient with meIt's a long road ahead of fixing my mouth. I feel complete confidence in this staff and Dr HochwaldEach time I go, Dr. Hochwald calls me a few hours after my appt and asks how I'm doing. He lets me know if I need anything to just call.Everyone is so nice and helpful.

    Lindee Beery Avatar
    Lindee Beery
  • I am so glad that my orthodontist referred me to this office to have my wisdom teeth extracted. All the front desk ladies were so nice, friendly, and caring that made my experience so much better. And for something that’s supposed to be daunting, Dr. Telles made sure to explain everything I needed to know about the procedure and he reassured me that it would be a painless experience; and he kept his promise. I was on top of my painkillers like Dr. Telles advised me to do and I didn’t feel any pain at all. I had an impacted tooth that was close to my sinus so it was very challenging to get it out but Dr. Telles did it. He was careful not to misplace any stuff and I healed wonderfully! Overall, I could not have asked for a better office and oral surgeon. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone who’s looking for friendly staff and excellent oral surgeons!

    Henry Vu Avatar
    Henry Vu

    Boy, this really is a conformable place to have your denial work done. Dr Telles was so focused and un-rushed at all my appointments. Come to find out the staff have worked as a team together for a long time and it really shows. Its so nice to go into an office where everyone is so happy and pleasant to work with. I even got a call from the Doctor later on in the day to check on me and see how I was doing. Its hard to find that kind of care these days. I found Dr Telles from my Dentist Dr McBride in Long Beach.

    Lana Sanders Avatar
    Lana Sanders

    I was referred to Doctor Telles by our dentist to have my granddaughters four wisdom teeth pulled. When we went for the consultation he spent so much time with us and explained everything in detail. She had her teeth out at noon and Doctor Telles called us at 9 o'clock that night to check on her.After five days she was having a good amount of pain so I called him on a Saturday and he called me right back. Once again he asked me a lot of questions about her pain and then he explained what was going on. He upped her pain medication and she did much better.I would recommend him to anyone. He is wonderful!!

    Mary Bradley Avatar
    Mary Bradley
  • Sandy at the front desk was friendly and helpful. Dr Marshall was professional and caring, pausing to see how I was doing. His asdistant was attentive, making sure I was comfortable. The whole process was quick and relatively pain free.

    jean lewis Avatar
    jean lewis

    By far the best experience I have ever had with any doctors/dental office. The staff here, from the front desk, assistants, and surgeons; the whole experience is second to none. I have been here for 2 procedures and each time I have been treated like family and have been given the best care. I would recommend this office to anyone seeking treatment. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for everything you guys do.

    Tate Brock Avatar
    Tate Brock

    Very friendly and professional, they really care about helping you. They use the latest technology with very skilled doctors.

    K Kammer Avatar
    K Kammer
  • I’ve been going here for over 15 years and was so happy when Dr. Marshall said he’d take my case!! Awesome dental work! Love the professionalism of the office staff. Thank you!!!

    Dawn Kong Avatar
    Dawn Kong

    The ladies in the front were so welcoming and nice. They made me feel like family. Dr. Marshall made me feel comfortable and the process was quick and painless. Best ever!

    Michael Loust Avatar
    Michael Loust

    Dr. Hochwald is the man and the ladies at the front desk are awesome. I'm not a big fan of doctor visits and the seriousness of medical stuff even when it's as simple as a couple wisdom teeth getting pulled out. When I called to make an appointment I expressed to them that I had been avoiding the process for financial reasons and they had told me about care credit and even gave me a year of interest free payments. The fee for the consultation was deducted from my final bill for going through with the surgery and the follow ups are also included so I'm pretty stoked on that. I had all four wisdom teeth extracted and it's the next day and I feel fine already. To top it all off dr. Hochwald personally called me like 6 hours after my visit to see how I was doing which was pretty cool of him to do. I might go back to get some extra teeth pulled just for fun cause they made the experience so smooth and comfortable. Hahaha...

    Jordon Cohen Avatar
    Jordon Cohen
  • Growing up in a impoverished single parent household left little room for basic needs; water, electricity, food ect. Let alone the needs that require insurance for a long life well lived. The highest price, of course, crucial to longevity, human health. Everything starts with your mouth! Unfortunately, options for dental health beyond routine cleaning are quite costly. Extractions seemed to be the best choice for those dental neglects. Needless to say, I’ve had many. As an adult, I have tried tirelessly to correct and maintain my dental health. To my devastation such efforts have proven to be a loss. A root canal gone rogue created a path of destruction for its neighbors and surrounding areas. The decay was so severe that it was in direct threat of compromising the sinus cavity. Scary stuff. I was referred by my loving and compassionate dentists Allison and Doug Emery to Dr. David Telles. As you can imagine my disappointment carried into my attitude. The front office manager, Sandy, was kind and attentive despite my piss poor disposition and lack of trust. She was reassuring and thoughtful through every phone call. Dr. Telles treats his staff with respect and they in return are happy and kind to be around. All of the office staff and dental assistants were phenomenal and provided above and beyond accommodations.During our consultation, Dr. Telles was very thorough, non-judgmental , and straight to the point. In my past I have been accused of drug addiction and bulimia due to the poor condition of my teeth. Fortunately, I’ve managed to avoid those paths, but you wouldn’t know it from my English teeth.I am 48hrs out from the removal of 3 teeth and 1 wisdom tooth. Although I’m swollen and I’m in some pain my overall feeling is so much better than I expected. To the shock of my dentists, periodontist, and my oral surgeon I was not in immediate pain, however I am realizing acute pain throughout my body has completely subsided. I believe I was in a state of chronic inflammation. Although I’m grieving the loss of so many teeth, I am grateful to Dr. Telles and his beautiful staff. If you are faced with having to deal with loss and repair, I highly recommend Dr. Telles and his competent team.

    Dallas Mintz Avatar
    Dallas Mintz

    Professorial organization that makes it's patients fell very comfortable.

    David Bannon Avatar
    David Bannon

    Great service!

    Heather McCain Avatar
    Heather McCain
  • Dr. Telles and the gals there were fantastic all through my process, planning, and procedures. They all made me feel welcomed, safe, and cared for. I love their chapsticks too😉🤚Dr. Telles rocks!

    Eleven Cents Avatar
    Eleven Cents

    My consultation appointment with Dr. Telles was very impressive. He thoroughly went over the X-ray with me. He took time answering my questions. I would recommend him to my friends.

    P Chaturarat Avatar
    P Chaturarat

    Great team of professional and personable people providing expert dental care. They made me feel confident throughout the procedure and the results have been better than expected. I would recommed them to anyone.

    Jack Dishon Avatar
    Jack Dishon
  • I was referred to Dr. Telles by Dr. McBride. I had my 2 implants last Tuesday and I am recovering great. I just went to him today for my follow up. Dr. T is very kind and provided some hope about my unfortunate teeth situation and life. He showed me the the digital picture of what my teeth will look like with my implants. I am happy I came here and I trust Dr. T all the way! Thank you.

    C H R I S T I N E Avatar
    C H R I S T I N E

    The whole staff was awesome thank you for making me fill comfortable. Because I was nervous being put under anesthesia for removal of a tooth. But that’s what I wantedI’m feeling good now no pain Thank you !!!!will see you guys on the 16 Of April for a recheck and I would highly recommend your office to any oneRae your really funnySo was the Dr you guys make it comfortableTo be in a dentist office.Thanks. Alice

    Lola H Avatar
    Lola H

    Got my wisdom teeth out this past Tuesday. Still on the recovery but so far so good. Staff was super nice. Thanks Dr. Marshall!!!

    Kyli Olesen Avatar
    Kyli Olesen
  • Everyone is so nice and Dr.Telles took great care of me!! I highly recommended this place.

    Sara Bailey Avatar
    Sara Bailey

    Great care, thorough explanation of problem and procedure.

    Judith Whitledge Avatar
    Judith Whitledge

    The doctor and staffs were very friendly and professional. I am happy with my surgery. Price was very reasonable.

    Yingsak Saksudhiyakom Avatar
    Yingsak Saksudhiyakom
  • Wonderful and caring staff. Everyone was very kind, thorough and professional. Dr.Telles did an excellent job on taking my wisdom teeth out. I was very nervous but it ended being a really good experience better then I could have imagined. No pain and everyone was great. I am very happy to referr patients here and know that they are in great hands. Thank you Dr. Telles, Sandy and all staff for everything and being so kind.

    Rachel Braak Avatar
    Rachel Braak

    Absolutely love Dr Marshall and all the state front and back staff they are very caring and thoughtful of your needs and concerns would recommend them highly.

    Fran Bunge Avatar
    Fran Bunge

    Want to thank Dr Marshall and his staff for an amazing experience from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. I was very nervous about getting my extraction but once talking with Dr Marshall he put me at ease and his two assistants Vanessa and Raylina were (amazing )they both at different time's talked me through everything(grateful).Then came the time (yikes) ......I was so surprised when Dr Marshall gave me the novocaine injection it was painless , surprised with the technique he used I never felt any numbness or tingling around my lip or face extraction was painless believe it or not BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!

    Maria Torres Avatar
    Maria Torres
  • I saw Dr. Telles to have all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. I had been told by three different dentists over the past 8 years or so that I needed them removed. I was scared to have it done as I saw my sister go through it. She only had two of the four removed and her face was extremely swollen (she did not see Dr. Telles). My sister had such a bad experience and to this day she never went back to have the other two removed. I am so relieved now that my surgery is over! I had a great experience at Dr. Telles' office.The office is very nice and clean and the equipment seems to be state of the art. Everyone in the office was professional and seemed to genuinely care. Ray/Rae, the registered dental assistant, and Dr. Telles were both very nice and explained everything step by step which helped to ease my nerves as I had never been put under before. I was prescribed pain medication and I followed the post op instructions provided. My swelling and pain were minimal, much better than I expected! Dr. Telles even called me the night of my surgery to check to see how I was doing and encouraged me to call at anytime should I have any questions.The office is located behind Bella Terra shopping center. Parking is in a structure, but the office will validate the parking for you.I will definitely recommend Huntington Beach Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to everyone I know!

    Kimberly Alba Avatar
    Kimberly Alba

    The truth is this is the first oral surgeon I've ever felt completely confident in. Dr. Telles and his office staff are extremely caring, helpful, compassionate, and understanding.It was not easy for Dr. Telles as I tend to have a strong gag reflex and difficulty getting to the point of a numb feeling so it took time. He has great patients as I doubt I could have been the same.After all was done my pain was gone my situation corrected and unlike other times I've gone to a dentist I didn't have that anxious panic feeling. Job well done all the way around.

    Ricky Kazlor Avatar
    Ricky Kazlor

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