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The sky is the limit for your Credit Score!

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Credit Repair is the process in which negative (usually incorrect) entries are removed from your Credit Report.

By law, they have to remove disputed negative entries if they can’t prove that they’re real. If they don’t, after you went through our process, we will connect you with a specially selected Law Firm that will go to court for you and get those negative entries removed for you as well as get you your $1000+!

Credit Repair is the process in which negative (usually incorrect) entries are removed from your Credit Report.

With The Concept Report you get all of the tools and the information, via the powerful Documents and the easy-to-use Next Steps Guide, you need to successfully get the negative entries removed from your Credit Report, thus increasing your Credit Score! We make the process from beginning to end as easy and seamless as possible! With us, you also retain all of your rights!

When the Credit Reporting Agencies don’t follow the law, they need to pay for their misdeeds. The penalties they have to pay for breaking the law are clearly defined here. One woman even got $18 million+! We work with specially selected Law Firms that specialize in cases where the Credit Reporting Agencies don’t stick to the law and they get their clients $1000+!

The better your Credit Score is, the less interest you pay on loans and credit cards, which means you save money! You’re also more likely to get the loan or the credit card in the first place!

When you sign up for credit repair with a run-of-the-mill Credit Repair company, in the fine-print, you agree to give up your rights to sue the Credit Reporting Agencies. With us, you keep your rights so you can get your $1000+!

By law, the Credit Reporting Agencies have to remove incorrect entries from your Credit Report. Heck, they’re not supposed to have them on your report in the first place! When you send them our Documents, which tells them to prove that the entry is correct or remove it, you’re mainly reminding them that they should remove it.

Going to court is the last option, but it’s frequently a required one to get the results you want. You won’t have to go to court, the lawyers will do that! And that’s how you get your $1000+!

Over 76% of the entries on all Credit Reports are incorrect. The odds are on your side!

We have the law on our side, as do you. “It’s the law” is as good as a guarantee gets!

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