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AYULANKA centres around authentic Ayurvedic herbal formulations. We believe that authenticity plays a huge role in maximising benefits developed over thousands of years.

Anti-ageing, Antioxidant and Immunoenhancing products designed with the aim of rejuvenation, balanced health and wellbeing.

Ayurveda Consultations are available for anyone looking to manage illnesses with help of expert advice and treatments.

Our Products

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From General Relaxation Massage Oils to Those Made for Specific Treatments.
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Natural Daily Use Cosmetics for Healthy Hair & Skin.Feel confident, be healthy.
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Natural Methods to Preserve Youth, Reduce Stress & Improve Health Daily.
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Flavoursome Cup of Tea to Quench Your Thirst Whilst Promoting Health & Wellbeing
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Rasayana Herbs for Daily Use, Now in Capsule Form to Save Your Time.
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A Herbal Helping Hand for When You are Feeling a Little Under the Weather.

Our Services

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From Diet & Lifestyle Advice to Complex Treatments to Help in Ailments.
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Ayurvedic Treatment Modalities Help to Remove Toxins from the Body that Could Have Oxidative, Degenerative, Autoimmunological Effects or Trigger the Ageing
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A Wide Selection of Courses at All Levels from Beginners to Advanced Practitioners.