About us

SS Transport is a Logistics company head quartered at Hyderabad, specialised in transportation, distribution, logistics process management, value added logistics & allied services to strengthen its customer's logistic deliverables by offering customised single window services with an edge of high operational, technology, visibility & cost efficiency.

We run our business as one highly integrated network of people, technology and partners. We use our network to help customers manage their logistics and transportation more efficiently throughout their supply chains. Our business is well diversified by geographies, verticals and types of service. Most important, we have top shelf talent - seasoned service operators and executives who know how to produce best deliverables for our customers to improve productivity and reduce costs.

we empower our employees to deliver world-class customer service through our information technology. We are a group of industry experienced team from shop floor, technology & administration who understand how to drive high people, process, productivity & innovation for the benefit of our customers.

Today, We're working closely with customers to look at their entire logistics and transportation, from point of origin to the end-consumer, to identify the opportunities. This collaborative approach is a major reason why customers trust us.


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